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Since we began this venture, we made a conscious choice to keep the traditional value of the place untouched. Itharana is the confluence of an innovative approach and restless curiosity in order to give you an unparalleled experience of cultural authenticity and genuine hospitality.

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Traditional Garhwali is greatly influenced by the hilly terrain on which the crops are grown. The cuisine is simple, flavorful, filling and nutritious. Unpretentious, it is based on easily obtained local, seasonal ingredients. Experience chula cooked, smoky flavor prepared with love.


Overwhelmed by the huge choice Indian cuisine offers, we curated a menu with recipes which are loved and staple for any Indian foodie. Packed with rich curries and variety of vegetables we make sure to serve only the best to you.


If you have a love for both Indian and international flavors and enjoy playing with your taste pallet, you can’t go wrong with Fusion cuisine. Weather it is Indian styled noodles or any other combination we have it curated for you.

spring season in rishikesh

Spring season can be enjoyed in march and may in itharna, you will experience clear sky along with soothing breeze. this is one of the best times to do outdoor activities like village walks, birdwatching. The bird sanctuary at Thano hosts a mind-boggling array of bird species that a city dweller would have never encountered in their life.

Summers are very pleasant as the climate remains cool. If you are tired from the heat, Itrana is one the best options for you.

Summer Season In Rishikesh Uttarakhand
Monsoon Season In Rishikesh Uttarakhand

The place experiences monsoon from July to September. One can enjoy the lush green beauty of the mountains during this time.

The winters begins from October and continues till February. Afternoons are sunny on clear day and you can enjoy sun with cold mountain breeze. the nights are however cold. The Resort offers heating in rooms and camp fire can be arranged on request.

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