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They say leisure is an art and we couldn’t agree more. Being brought up in the quaint Himalayan Valley of Dehradun, two seafarers who had the experience of sailing the high seas and going around the world for years decided to come back to their roots. Having a deep understanding that relaxation is incredibly crucial for self-growth and longevity, they realised how people take it for granted. And this is how Itharana came to life, an Eternity Retreat nestled between the stunning backdrop of the lush green Garhwal hills. To execute the vision, an MBA and an engineer from the family joined hands and turned Itharana into a technology-friendly, sustainable dream. It is a multifaceted- resort that offers an indescribable feeling of leisure, spectacular trails for village walks, a taste of the local scene in a peaceful environment and a host of adventure activities for adrenaline junkies.

Step Away From The Ordinary Routine

Sprawling over 10 acres of natural beauty and surrounded by the lush green flora, get decadently pampered at Itharana. Tailored to please your senses, enjoy a peaceful retreat in our vintage and modern guest rooms where you’ll have natural sunlight and unobstructed views. Let time slip away as you relish every moment of serenity as the sun sets and the sky turns purple.

In sync with nature

bird-watching outdoor activity in rishikesh

Since we began this venture, we made a conscious choice to keep the traditional value of the place untouched. Itharana is the confluence of an innovative approach and restless curiosity in order to give you an unparalleled experience of cultural authenticity and genuine hospitality. Our endeavours have led to the perfect culmination of modern amenities and traditional Garhwali architecture and cuisine. If getting married in a Himalayan resort has been your dream, Itharana could make that possible for you. Walk down the aisle with a background of pristine terrace farms and turn the dreams of a beautiful destination wedding true.

Value-added Recreation

At Itharana, every activity you indulge in aims to drive you a little closer to nature. Itharana is your escape from the compact concrete buildings, blaring streets and a frenzied daily routine to the peace of a rustic Himalayan village. If you are an avid yoga practitioner, you can practice your sun-salutations while overlooking the dawn every morning and sipping the natural beauty. Indulge in gardening or farming around the resort while learning organic farming practices like ploughing and using all kinds of natural manure. Surrounded by Thano and Chandpather, famous bird hotspots, Itharana is blessed with the best of nature. The aim of Itharna is to achieve a perfect balance between urban and rural life, away from digitisation yet well connected to the outer world.

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Children’s Wonderland

Give your children a break from the gadget life as they switch from i-pads to saplings and video games to nature walks. Let them reenergize themselves with practical activities like camping, tent pitching and cycling expeditions. We have also installed swings and slides along with a trampoline and a splash pool for kids. There is a huge play area for outdoor games like Volleyball, Badminton, Football, etc. The children can also enjoy a lot of indoor games like table tennis, Dart Board, Ludo, Carrom and Chess. Besides this, there is an immense opportunity for recreational activities like cultural exchanges with the village children to give them a first-hand experience of rural life.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Replenish

Soak in the sun of balmy days and practice the art of rejuvenation at Itharana. For whom relaxation is all about being engrossed in a book while having a nice cup of coffee or tea, a glass library with swing chairs and a beautiful view of the mountains has been created. The location of the resort bears many advantages, and one of them is its picturesque trails that lead to the surrounding villages. We also organize village walks and treks for individuals, school-kids, tourists and corporate groups. Get a glimpse of the Himalayan life by interacting with the locals and share life experiences that will surely add value to your being.

Let the end of every day be as beautiful as its start, enjoy a night out with your loved ones under the clear mountain sky while singing and dancing around a campfire.

Take the road that brings you to us. Itharana is your ultimate destination, whether you are an individual seeking a place to rejuvenate, a family looking for fun and relaxing time, a working couple wants to break free from the monotony of city life or a group of retired friends searching for the perfect place to organize a reunion. At Itharana Retreat an exclusive and alluring experience awaits you.

Sounds & Sides Of Nature

What’s better than detoxifying your mind and body in purely natural surroundings?
What’s better than drifting off to sleep while breathing in the fresh, crisp breeze and listening to birds chirping away in the distance?

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You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to activities at the Itharana Retreat.
There are innumerable indoor and outdoor activities that can rejuvenate you from within

  • Library
  • Pool Table
  • Table Tennis
  • Dark Board
  • Ludos
  • Chess
  • Caroms
  • Farming
  • Village Walk
  • Bird Watching
  • Cycling
  • Zip Liner & Sky Bridge
  • Camping & Rafting
  • Archery & Slackline
  • Valley Crossing

Nearby Activities

The hilly surroundings and the vast stretches of greenery form the perfect backdrop at Itharna. Other than indoor and outdoor activities, there is a lot to do around Itharana.

1. Village Walk: 3 hrs Trek to nearby village Koti. Meat with locals of garhwal learn about their day to day life culture and activities

2. Bird Watching: Thano and Chandpather are two famous bird sanctuary situated close to the resort.

3. Water Trekking: Experience 3 hrs Water trek in nearby river.

4. River Rafting: Rishikesh is famous for its river rafting sports.

5. Shiva Temple: A 20 minutes drive to Shiva temple.

6. Water Falls: Experience to nearby natural waterfalls.

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